One June 27th, we wrapped Day 13 of filming for Chronicles of the Dead Season 2. Why haven't you heard about it until now? I've been really busy. That's actually the main focus of this blog. When is enough, enough? How do you know when you've achieved greatly?

The only thing I can compare writing and film making to are the jobs I've held in retail and fast food. Although those jobs are challenging, the goals are clear. I always know what number we have to hit before the hour is up. I always know the goal. We work hard and we either meet, exceed (or sometimes completely miss) it, but damn-it we WORK!

But how do you do that for film and writing? How are you supposed to outline goals if you don't even know what your goals should be? I know that I want to reach as wide an audience as I can, but how can I do that if I can only get three of my 600+ friends to share it on Facebook? 

The market for online media is inflated nowadays that it's a wonder anybody ever gets noticed at all. At least on TV, shows are picked and set. On the internet, it's a big free-for-all. Everyone is doing back flips and waving signs that say "look at me" and you're trying to get a bigger sign than the other guy. It's overwhelming.

Aside from that, our new main focus has become editing. We're trying to fix every problem that we possibly can by taking our time and really paying attention to what's going on. We could rush and be done with everything in a month, but then the quality would really suffer. The last thing we want to do is make everyone look bad, especially ourselves! Things are still new. We're still learning. We've avoided old mistakes but found that we made new ones. Whatever the outcome may be, we hope you watch!