PictureThe new face of COTD, Elizabeth Smith.
Chronicles of the Dead is back with season 2!

Did you miss us? I hope your answer is an emphatic yes. We've worked long an hard on the scripts to make them pop in the right places. 9 episodes later...after auditions and location scouting...we dived into our first day of filming.

We've learned from last year's mistakes and we don't plan on repeating them ever again. Will we make new mistakes? Probably! I guarantee it!

There will be lots of behind the scenes footage to check out and we also have a teaser uploaded that you can watch on the home page. (If not there, then definitely on YouTube.)

I really want to make a "Previously on Chronicles of the Dead" video to catch everyone up on the story (Gee, it's complicated!) so look out for that as well. Other links you can check out are Facebook and IMDb. Above all, we promise that this season will blow last season out of the water. Don't miss out!

-Monica Louise Bryant

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